Monica Gary | Aquia Supervisor | Brooke Road Flooding


The Story Of Brooke Road:

Since last year when I became aware of the severe flooding that was affecting my neighbors on Brooke Road, I have been fighting to amplify their voices and get funding for the necessary road upgrade that would solve the flooding permanently. Originally, the Board had allotted only $300K to install culverts, a band-aid to a complex problem that needed a comprehensive solution. The problem was two-fold. The flooding is being caused by mass deforestation from my opponent’s poor decisions to repeatedly rezone for dense residential developments in the area during his prior terms on the Board. There is heavy beaver activity involved as well, from the nearby Crow’s Nest. It was likely that the culverts would just get blocked up by silt run-off and even invite the beavers to build new dams inside of them. I set to work leveraging political and media contacts and was able to bring national attention to Brooke Road residents’ struggle by getting the story run on FOX5 DC. This led to the issue being considered at the State level and subsequently 1.5 Million in funding from VDOT for an emergency access road. But I didn’t stop there. We still needed a comprehensive project plan and funding to fix the road for good. 

I sat with the residents of Brooke Road for hours listening to their frustrations and feelings of defeat at the Aquia Roundtable discussion. I proposed the Board establish an Ad Hoc committee comprised of residents and then organized Zoom calls to gather those interested in participating. Though the Board did not approve the committee, I did not quit. I went to our Transportation Director who shared with me a project plan that should have been public and presented at the Roundtable meeting. Shortly after I shared this information publicly the County announced its plan to raise, move, and straighten the road along with the adequate funding of and additional 7.5 Million dollars. 

The short version of the story is that I know how to get things done correctly and quickly. 

Monica Gary | Aquia Supervisor | Taxes

Lower Taxes… Responsibly

I know how to get the taxes BACK DOWN by properly developing our town and preventing leakage. I won’t just vote to keep them low and pawn off the cost on the next Supervisor like my opponent has done. I will work to ensure that we develop a healthy economy that will

  • LOWER your property taxes
  • BENEFIT local businesses
  • STRENGHTEN our infrastructure and
  • HEIGHTEN your property value
Monica Gary | Aquia Supervisor | Education


You can tell a lot about a community by the way they care for their children. We have some room to grow. Stafford County Public Schools have been underfunded by around a million dollars for approximately a decade. We need to invest in our people by providing better pay for teachers and staff so they can work where they live and continue to educate our youth. We need more school buildings as we experience record population growth, and we need those new acquisitions and buildings to be based on real data instead of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on unusable lots… like the one my opponent voted to purchase near the Airport. Because of his careless decision, that lot doesn’t have school as planned… it sits vacant today… just like Aquia Town center. Our children deserve better.

All of my children attend Stafford County Schools, so I am personally invested in the success of our school system. I will fight for the right thing. I will fight for our children.