Monica Gary for Stafford County Supervisor Aquia District

My mission is to serve.

Actually, service is our whole family’s mission. My husband Peter served in the United States Marine Corps and served two deployments to Afghanistan with the Army. He is also prior Law Enforcement and a citizen hero. The Alexandria Fire Department recognized and awarded Peter for running into a burning building to save multiple people including a elderly, disabled woman. Yes friends, I hit the jackpot!

We are incredibly proud of our two oldest sons who have chosen to enter the Armed Forces this year; one in the USMC, one in the Navy. Our youngest son, Jonathan, plans to follow in his father and bothers’ footsteps. Our four girls, including my niece, are regularly recognized at school for taking initiative that impacts the lives of others for things such as rallying friends to pick up trash at recess, and our niece was even awarded the highest “silver note” for going out of her way to sit with another child whom no one had sat with at lunch all year.

It has been an honor to be the wife of such an incredible man and mother to such brave, caring children. I began writing about our family first, instead of just listing my own accomplishments, because I believe in the power of healthy community. My achievements are a reflection of the solid unit we have formed, and each person is an integral part of one another’s’ success. I couldn’t do all the amazing things I do without these strong people at my side. With their support, I have accomplished the following:

  • Helped lead the effort to establish our current Multicultural Coalition in Stafford County
  • Led a successful effort to update signage at Government Island to current Virginia Parks standards to better honor enslaved peoples who labored there
  • Helped fight for and win proper funding to fix Brooke Road’s flooding issues, now up to 9 Million dollars up from the County’s original funding of only 300K (see Brooke Road Flooding & Infrastructure issue for full story)
  • Over a decade of serving in various churches, leading worship, small groups, teaching youth, organizing community events and outreach, counseling believers, administering communion and baptisms, etc..
  • Founding a successful ministry outreach to women in the adult industry and connecting them with valuable services and support
  • Authoring the book “Prayer, For Women Like Us: A Prayer Book and Journal For Exotic Dancers” that is being sent to all 70+ major anti-trafficking organizations that were awarded grants by Donald Trump during his presidency, plus multiple local organizations
  • Speaking at multiple anti-trafficking events and fundraisers including Central Virginia justice Initiative and I currently serve on an anti-trafficking task force with CVJI, RCASA, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Department, and other survivors
  • Earning my Degree in Theology at The John Leland Center for Theological Studies. I am currently earning my Masters of Divinity with the John Leland Center
  • Completing the V3 Church Planting Cohort, supported by Baptist General Association of Virginia… and many other achievements

I’m just getting started.

For the last few months I have been attending and speaking at the County public hearings regarding the development of Downtown Stafford. I am fighting for better use of our tax dollars instead of giving away MILLIONS to developers like JPI Fountain Park, whose owner has contributed thousands to my opponent’s political campaigns (view speeches here). This passion to “do the right thing” doesn’t come from nowhere, but from lived experiences and knowing what it is like to have no one fight for me.

I grew up in a single parent home with my three sisters and a mostly absent father. Verbal, physical and psychological abuse as well as addictions were commonplace. I received free lunch from Fairfax County, which also allowed me to rent the viola I played for many years, rent uniforms for chorus and gym, and even funded field trips our family couldn’t otherwise afford. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, even our Christmas presents, came from local ministries and nonprofit organizations. Having desperately needed these resources, I understand the critical need for these organizations and for proper school funding. I attended different many churches and found comfort in those communities, but ultimately took a different route and began working in clubs to survive as a young mother, after choosing to keep my child from an unplanned pregnancy. The neighborhood I was raising my son in was rough to say the least. I witnessed increasing violence and became a target of it when I was robbed at gunpoint while pushing him in the stroller. The Food Stamps and WIC I was receiving were not enough to help us make a real life for ourselves. Working in the adult industry seemed like the only option to get us out fast. After several years of working in clubs in Washington DC and a very abusive relationship that turned into domestic trafficking, I met my now husband who helped me escape. 

Someone was finally willing to fight for me.

Peter and I made a new life together. We blended and grew into a huge family of nine (plus our three German Shepherds Kenzy, Samantha, and Victoria). We started out rich in love but short on money, often digging coins out of the sofa to provide dinner. When we were blessed to overcome those financial struggles and purchase our beautiful home in Stafford County six years ago, we decided that our home would always remain a refuge for struggling family and friends. We give until it hurts and then give some more, because we believe in the dignity of every human. Since my spiritual experience that occurred two years into our marriage, I have made it my life’s mission to serve others no matter the cost. I have a boldness and a calling to fight for what is right and to be a peacemaker among divided communities. 

I believe it is time for a new chapter in politics and I have a beautiful vision for Stafford County. One that honors the humanity of every person. Where our children are cared for, our taxes and environment are stewarded carefully, and where our service workers and Veterans are honored for their contributions to community and country. You deserve a local government that will listen and act on your behalf. You deserve the kind of representative that has solid character and doesn’t need to be monitored to prevent waste and abuse. The kind of supervisor that will do the right thing

That’s me. I’m that Supervisor… if you’ll elect me.